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About Jonx

For whom?

Jonx offers treatments to children and young people who are experiencing mental health issues. We also assist in helping parent(s)/caregiver(s). We believe in inherent strength (their own capability of finding solutions and their ability to manage their own behavior) of the juvenile and his or her parent(s)/caregiver(s). If necessary, Jonx also provides guidance and support to the parents, siblings and schools of these children. We also provide help to people of all ages who have an autism spectrum disorder.

Way of working

Our professionals are specialised in researching and treating problems in diverse psychiatric areas. We offer advice, diagnosis, treatment and guidance suitable for their needs. Together with our clients, we work towards an effective resolution of your complaints and mental health problems. Jonx comprises two different departments: Jonx Ambulant and Jonx Autism.

Jonx Ambulant

Jonx Ambulant is specialised in diagnosing and treating children and young people from 0 – 18 years old. Jonx Ambulant has various offices throughout Groningen and also offers help at home or school when necessary.

Jonx Autism

The Jonx Autism team is specialised in diagnosing and treating clients of all ages with an autism spectrum disorder. Jonx Autism has an infant team, Autism Team North Netherlands (ATN), which is specialised in diagnosing and treating very young children with an autism spectrum disorder.

An overview of our most important activities


Referrals to Jonx come from a GP or paediatrician. Together with the client, parents or partner and/or others involved, we discuss what the problems are, how they view these problems and how the problems have developed.


Following the intake, the client receives advice with a clear view of the treatment process by means of a treatment plan. The client is seen at least once during the research and advisory phase.

Comprehensive diagnostics

Sometimes questions remain which must be answered before a form of treatment can be started. In that case, further research is one of the options.


If treatment is necessary, it can take place at one of the Jonx locations or at one of the consultation locations. Treatments can be supported with the help of the internet. The treatment is as short as possible, but as long as needed.


Jonx offers several types of guidance counselling, including home counselling that focuses on all of the problems that are difficult to solve due to the psychological problems of the child or adult with ASD. Over several months, a counsellor will come by to tackle these problems together. The guidance focuses not only on the individual, but on his/her environment as well.

Additionally, Jonx offers guidance consisting of psychological education: giving information to clients or to parents/partners and/or others involved about how they can deal with the psychological limitation.

Information sessions and training

The early detection and prevention of complaints is just as important as the treatment itself. Jonx has its own knowledge centre: JonxPro. A standard range of training and sessions are available, but we are also happy to provide tailor-made training or information sessions. This can take place at any desired location.


What binds us together is the aim that every young person can develop healthy and grows up safely.
This goal is our priority. We will work together to achieve goals that supports a healthy development. This collaboration supposes exchange of personal data. All your personal data will be treated with confidentiality and we respect the wishes of privacy of those involved. Everything that a client tells their counsellor will only be between the client and their counsellor. In some cases it will be necessary to involve another party or person, but Jonx will never take action without the client’s consent, in such cases we will first consult the client.

Contact + address

Jonx can be contacted at:

The infant team works from the locations ATN Groningen and ATN Drachten.

Laan Corpus den Hoorn 102-2
9728 JR Groningen
+31(0)50 522 3299

Zuiderdwarsvaart 72
9203 JB Drachten
+31(0)512 334 950


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